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November 2016

From the 1970s, two Italian beauties from Maserati, Ghibli SS and Bora.
Maserati Ghibli SS printMaserati Bora print

Steve Dunn

October 2016

Here's a beautifully minamalist design icon, the lamborghini Countach. This one's an LP500S.
Lamborghini Countach print

Steve Dunn

October 2016

Two new additions to my collection of classic car prints; it's the iconic Jag Mk2 from the early sixties, available in maroon with steel wheels, or green with wire wheels.
Jaguar Mk2 printJaguar Mk2 print

Steve Dunn

January 2016

My first new painting of 2016, the fantastic TVR Sagaris.
TVR Sagaris print

Steve Dunn


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